At Girardo & Co. we understand that classic cars represent so much more than the sum of their parts. Life is formed of experiences.

And as experiences go, there’s little that can beat the fun, escapism and romance of driving a piece of motoring history, especially in these unprecedented times. We champion these beliefs in everything we do.

“We understand that classic cars represent so much more than the sum of their parts. We champion this belief in everything we do.”

Providing an unrivalled holistic experience to our global network of clients is our primary goal, from discreetly sourcing or powerfully marketing the greatest classic cars in the world to imparting expert informed and impartial advice.

Boasting an dynamic, knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic team with decades of experience at the very top of the collectors’ market, we draw on our first-hand knowledge to understand your needs and support you through every step of the process. We always put your interests first. Realising your dreams is our forte.

And you can rest assured knowing that we leave no stone unturned on our quest to research each individual car we encounter, verify its provenance and originality, and present it in a manner truly worthy of its significance.

“We’re the only classic car specialists with an in-house research and media team.”

Regarding the latter, especially, we’re the only classic car dealership with an in-house research and media team, which we believe speaks volumes about our commitment to honour the historical, cultural and personal importance of these special old cars and safeguard their future.

Between our fabulous new HQ in Oxfordshire, our facility in Turin and our pop-up showrooms at the most important events both here in Europe and across the pond in America, our clients are always welcome to visit us, whether it’s to discuss a future consignment or simply bask in the beauty of the fantastic classic cars with which we surround ourselves.

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