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Meet Max Girardo

Name: Max Girardo

Email: [email protected]

Department: Director

Role:  Following his daily 5am cycle ride and, of course, the school run, our estimable leader Max Girardo devotes most of his time fostering the countless relationships, both longstanding and new, with our clients and vast pool of industry contacts he’s forged over the last 25 years.

Whether he’s discreetly sourcing an ultra-significant 1960s Ferrari on behalf of an ambitious collector, finding the perfect home for the greatest cars or expertly compering the most prestigious international concours events in one of the myriad languages he fluently speaks, Max boasts a reputation that truly precedes him.

A forever forward-thinking family man with a keen interest in eco-friendly living and environmental sustainability, Max recently relocated both his home and Girardo & Co. to Belchers Farm in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire. And planted lots of trees. 

Likes: His bicycle, school runs in the Lancia Ardea, trees

Dislikes: Single-use plastic

The Girardo & Co Team

Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, Cat is the first point of contact for our clients. She’s always one step ahead of the game and relishes the opportunities to engage with and support our wonderfully diverse network of clients during every stage of the buying or selling process.

When he’s not greeting the postman delivering yet another car book or getting lost in the depths of the Girardo & Co. Archive, our resident research guru Marcus Willis is not only adding value to the cars we encounter, but also helping to safeguard their futures by extensively fact-finding and investigating their histories.

Davide’s rich automotive knowledge, acquired through years of first-hand interactions with collectors, historians and technicians – both in his native Italy and adopted England – qualifies Davide as an authoritative car specialist.

Yes, he boasts an obscurely niche knowledge of noughties Formula 1 cars and yes, he keeps team Girardo & Co. fuelled with his beautifully crafted coffees. But Peter Macalpine is also a key cog in the research side of Girardo & Co. – a pillar on which, as you know, we place so much value.

The newest addition to the Girardo & Co. team, Alex Easthope is responsible for all our external marketing and social media. If you see something with our name or logo on either in print or online, it’s because of Alex.

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