Name: Alex Easthope


Department: Media

Role: The newest addition to the Girardo & Co. team, Alex Easthope is responsible for all our external marketing and social media. And having arrived from a long tenure as the Deputy Editor of one of the leading digital classic car magazines, he’s just the man for the job. If you see something with our name or logo on either in print or online, it’s because of Alex.

A lifelong enthusiast who entered the world of automotive journalism as a means of encountering and experiencing the cars he’d dreamed about, Alex recognises the importance of storytelling in today’s fast-paced and chaotic world. After all, for every great car, there are many more colourful characters, fascinating anecdotes and miles and miles of happy motoring.

He’s also a keen runner. He’d sign up for a marathon. If he didn’t enjoy a beer quite so much, that is…

Likes: Tread shuffle, the Curborough Sprint Course, Peroni

Dislikes: Ironing, being a passenger in any car driven by Marcus!