Research and Presentation

We love people, history, and cars, and that is why we are the only classic car dealer with an in-house dedicated research team, and that speaks volumes. Before we present any car, our team works hard to ensure each car is correctly and accurately portrayed, offering peace of mind for both buyer and seller.

To fully understand a car and its history, you must go back to day one in its life, and that often involves working with the factory that originally built it. Over the years, we have worked hard to build and maintain strong relationships with major manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Jaguar and Aston Martin. We regularly work with these manufacturers to document a cars original build specification, by way of a build sheet, or factory-authorised certificate.

Once we understand a cars original specification, and where it was delivered new, we tailor our research strategy, ensuring we diligently document as much of the car’s history as possible. Whilst working from day one to present, we also work backwards from the current or previous owner to confirm the chain of ownership, servicing records and restoration information where appropriate.

As well as having an in-house dedicated research team, we keep an extensive contact network. Maintaining strong relationships with many of the world’s leading and most respected marque specialists, historians, restorers and archivists allows us to regularly reunite documentation and histories with cars which over years have become lost or forgotten. Just because you own a car, does not mean you have all the original paperwork, or even components, however through our contacts we can often reunite paperwork and components with the cars and their owners.

Many of the cars we present for sale have raced or rallied around the world. Often events are forgotten, and we regularly re-discover races or rallies that have remained unknown for many years – such as the Ferrari 250 LM we sold several years ago. We aim to document a cars complete history, with races being covered by both period images and event reviews. We also work with race teams and race car builders to confirm identities and race histories, always ensuring the car we are offering is correctly documented.

Presentation is important

We really value presentation, and after all this hard work to correctly document a car, we think it’s important to make sure this information is easily and correctly presented to a potential buyer. With this in mind, we create a bespoke presentation file for each car, in both digital and print forms, as well as encasing all of the documentation in our bespoke red leather folders.

These bespoke presentation files allow us to pinpoint specific collectors prior to offering a car publicly, by either emailing or posting information about an individual car. This targeted approach allows us to ensure each car we offer for sale is handled in the optimum way. Not every car benefits from being offered for sale publicly, but at the same time, some cars achieve the best result by being offered for sale publicly. We ensure we always discuss the best

Research portfolios

We don’t just research the cars we offer or sell, we also work with owners to document cars within their collections, again adding value by documenting the cars complete history. These bespoke projects often lead an owner on an incredible journey of discovery, learning more about the car they own and love.

Limited-edition collector books

For some owners, researching and documenting their pride and joy with us is not enough, and for those individuals we work together to produce bespoke, limited-edition books which document the cars life. These can come in the form of a coffee table size book containing either a single car, or a collection. We also do smaller format books for owners with multiple cars who want to show off their car’s incredible histories individually.

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Our passion, knowledge and expertise gained from over 40 years of experience offers you a subjective opinion when considering either the sale, or purchase of a car potentially costing millions of pounds.

We are a dynamic, young, friendly team, focused on ensuring our clients always receive the unrivalled service they have come accustomed to from the Girardo & Co. team.

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