Ever since making the decision to relocate from London to rural Oxfordshire and expand our physical footprint here in the United Kingdom, we knew we wanted to invest considerable time and energy into creating an unforgettable destination for our clients.

Well, after 18 months and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we’re thrilled to announce that the first phase of our Belchers Farm project, the new renovated barn showroom, is complete.

The 9,000-square-foot temperature- and humidity-controlled facility boasts a gallery-like display area for 20 well-spaced cars, a lounge area, an inspection bay with a ramp, an extensive library of over 3,000 automotive books and a mezzanine level which plays host to the entire Girardo & Co. Archive.

What does it mean for you? That’s simple: a unique and ultra-high-value client experience. Located less an hour’s drive from London Heathrow and a stone’s throw from the historic city of Oxford, the new facility here at Belchers Farm is a discreet, comfortable and clean space in which to effectively present, meticulously research, thoroughly inspect or simply view a car. Needless to say, we also envisage the building as a great entertainment and events space. Furthermore, it presents another excuse to try our renowned coffee, lovingly hand-crafted from our gorgeous new La Marzocco machine. 

Ever since founding Girardo & Co. back in 2016, we’ve always championed quality and diversity. Now we finally have a space befitting of the exceptional collector cars we’re privileged to encounter.

“What does it mean for you? A discreet, comfortable and clean space in which to effectively present, meticulously research, thoroughly inspect or simply view a car.”

By no means does the journey stop here, however. We’ve just ‘broken ground’ on our new reception and clubhouse areas and are already plotting how we can implement a car or two in fun and striking ways. Perhaps in pride of place in the foyer, like at the Royal Automobile Club in London? Why not?!

Belchers Farm is a stunning 50-acre working farm tucked in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, around seven miles south of Oxford and complete with a ha-ha, pond and surrounding wetland area, lovingly maintained vegetable patch, and 15 chickens. With a view to protecting the landscape and encouraging biodiversity, we’ve already planted 1,000 trees and almost two miles of hedgerows on the farm. And there are further plans afoot, including the introduction of a wildflower meadow.

We’ve always firmly believed in using and enjoying the cars we’re fortunate enough to encounter, and the farm – and stunning rural roads right on our doorstep – will enable us to do that even more. So, you can expect so much more from us in the coming weeks and months as we continue to build our headquarters and, of course, trade the world’s most sensational road and competition cars. 

If you’d like to arrange a discreet and relaxed visit here at Belchers Farm and sample our industry-leading (local) coffee, please fill out the form below