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Beneath mercifully sunny skies, we hosted Supercar Driver last weekend for what was our first big event here at Belchers Farm…

Ever since relocating from London to Belchers Farm in Oxfordshire almost a year ago, we’ve wanted to create a destination for car lovers across the world. With the luxury of more space, events are naturally something in which we want to invest much more time and effort. After all, using and enjoying and sharing the sensational cars we encounter are all things we champion here at Girardo & Co..

That’s why it was so special for us last weekend to host our friends from Supercar Driver for one of their Saturday meets. In the face of a weather forecast which had predicted thunderstorms and heavy rain all week, the turnout was excellent. And almost unbelievably, the sun shone throughout!

Some 25 Supercar Driver members travelled to join us, bringing modern automotive exotica ranging from a new Ferrari 812 GTS to an ultra-special McLaren 675 LT specified in tribute to the unicorn F1 GT from 1997. However, the car which undoubtedly caused the greatest stir was the Lamborghini Reventón, a bonkers fighter jet for the road, of which just 20 were built.

Our local coffee supplier, the Dark Horse Roastery, brought along their ultra-cool converted Citroën 2CV to serve their exquisite new blend from. And the bacon and sausages on the barbeque were sourced from Rofford Farm, which is just over the field from us here at HQ. Talk about local produce!

The occasion was also a great chance for us to try something we’ve been longing to do for a while: arrange some cars in our giant cow barn. We divided the barn in two: on the right we had classic road-going cars and on the left we arranged a mouth-watering selection of competition cars, including a very special Works Aston Martin LMP1 prototype, which you’ll find out much more about in the coming weeks.Photos: Tom Shaxson for Girardo & Co.