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SOLD 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO 1/3-scale trellis and engine by Terzo Dalia

For over two decades, the late Italian artisan Terzo Dalia honoured the greatest Ferrari sports cars and engines in his own inimitable way: with miniature 1/3-scale strictly limited replicas handcrafted with uncompromising and astonishing attention to detail. That these master modelmakers have earned the blessing and custom of former Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Piero Ferrari himself is telling of the outstanding quality and enduring value of the precious fruits of their labour. Dalia’s sad passing means that these extraordinary feats of craftsmanship simply won’t be repeated.

The artwork presented here is an exquisite 1/3-scale sculpture of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, not only among the most desirable – and valuable – Ferraris of all time, but a true titan of the wider classic car world in general. As with the real Gran Turismo Omologato, just 36 of these pieces were produced in the 2000s, of which this is number four, as denoted by the individually numbered plaque affixed to the chassis. Each took in excess of two years to produce, such was the painstaking nature of the assembly. Unsurprisingly, all 36 sold out almost instantly.

The Rosso exterior trellis, with its removeable bonnet, is an exact replica of the GTO’s achingly beautiful Scaglietti-built body, tracing every perfectly judged curve, corner and crease. Each of the 1,300 joints were welded by hand, not glued – a task alone which took over 650 hours to complete. Cradled in the middle of the trellis and accurate tubular chassis is a highly detailed model of the legendary Colombo V12, featuring an operating crankshaft with connecting rods and pistons which move in the correct firing order. Furthermore, the engine is connected to the transmission with an operable gear lever, in addition to a wonderfully intricate driveshaft and rear axle.

Weighing in at close to 16kg, this spectacular Ferrari 250 GTO artwork can be displayed horizontal on the accompanying stands or hung vertically on a wall for that added wow factor. 


145cm x 55cm x 42cm (L x W x H)

Photos are of the actual item offered – please contact us for more information.


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