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SOLD - 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB trellis and engine

This incredible trellis was hand built in Italy in 2006 by Terzo & Stefano Dalia, and only 50 were made over a 2 year production period. The model features a highly detailed engine with operating crankshaft with connecting rods and pistons that move in proper firing order and are visible by removal of the valve covers. Note the exquisite detailing of the Weber carburetors, generator, and even the oil filter. The engine is connected to the transmission with an operable shift lever plus a highly intricate drive-shaft and rear axle. This has been fitted with a trellis framework body which allows viewing of the mechanics of this car. As well, the hood of the trellis is removable to access the engine. This is all mounted on a replica of an original tubular chassis fitted with legs for display. The model has been built from steel, aluminum and rubber. The trellis alone weighs more than 7 kgs and with the engine and transmission it’s close to 16 kgs. This trellis is in excellent condition and can be displayed on a large table or hung on a wall, horizontally or vertically, for the ultimate display piece!

Only 50 of these staggering models were built by Italian, Terzo Dalia, selling out almost immediately.

137cc X 55cm X 40cm (L W H)


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