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2005 Ferrari Enzo

One owner and fewer than 2,500km from new

Accompanied by its Certificate of Origin, letter from Luca di Montezemolo, factory production photos, owner’s manuals, warranty booklet, spare key, scale model, tool kit, Schedoni carbon-fibre briefcase, car cover and battery charger

One of only 400 Ferrari Enzos produced

Finished in the ultra-rare colour combination of Grigio Alloy over a blue and grey Schedoni leather interior


Chassis no. ZFFCZ56B000138879

The Ferrari Enzo

Building cars which push technological and performance boundaries has always been Ferrari’s modus operandi. The Enzo very much fits that mould.

Inspired directly by Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars, which at the time were dominating the sport, the Enzo featured advanced composite bodywork and a carbon-fibre and aluminium sandwich chassis. With countless hours of testing logged in the wind tunnel and on the track, the nose was shaped into a cone reminiscent of that found of the Scuderia’s single-seaters and its composite sides were sculpted to redirect the air flow. Ferrari opted not to fit the Enzo with a large rear wing like its predecessors. Instead, focus was given to more subtle aerodynamic aids and ground-effect.

Along with the streamlining of the bodywork, the car was fitted with a completely new 5,998cc, naturally aspirated, 48-valve Ferrari Tipo F140B V12 engine that focused on delivering both a high level of power and massive amounts of torque at low revs. The gearbox was rear mounted and connected directly to the engine. As a result, the Enzo’s downforce reached a maximum of 77kg at 300kph. To ensure a smooth deceleration from these speeds, the Enzo was fitted with a braking system developed specifically for the car by Brembo, which featured carbon ceramic discs — a first for a Ferrari road car.

The interior was relatively spartan, with most surfaces crafted from carbon-fibre. Electronic traction controls and steering wheel-mounted shift lights were installed, and the sound system, air conditioning and electric windows were omitted in the name of weight saving. In development, Ferrari placed great attention on the “human-machine” interface to put “the driver in the best possible condition to exploit the car’s extreme performance,” as the brochure stated.

With just 400 examples built over its two years of production, the Ferrari Enzo is one of the marque’s most ground-breaking models — melding all of its knowledge and technology from a time when Ferrari was on a remarkable winning streak in F1 and implementing it in a road car. The Enzo is a benchmark for all models that have followed and is often on the list as one of the greatest Ferraris ever made.


This Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo offered here, chassis ZFFCZ56B000138879, is one of just 400 examples built. More significantly, it is understood to be one of only two finished in Grigio Alloy. Ordered new by Ferrari France, Charles Pozzi S.A., on 24 October 2002, the car was delivered to its first and only owner almost three years later on 15 March 2005.

One month later, the Enzo was registered and assigned the number ’79 TAA 69’. The owner of this car – a man appreciative of Ferrari’s illustrious history and the significance of this flagship model – showed great restraint, storing the car for the majority of its life. To this day, it has covered fewer than 2,500km.

Anticipating its sale, the car’s owner commissioned the official Ferrari dealer in Milan, Rossocorsa, with carrying out a major service. This service included such works as replacing the filters, the battery and the tyres. The oil was also changed and an electronic diagnosis car undertaken on the car’s on-board controls.

Today, this glorious Ferrari Enzo is accompanied by its original Certificate of Origin, a congratulatory letter from the then President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo, photos of the car on the production line, owner’s manuals, the warranty booklet and pouch, a spare key, a scale model, a tool kit, a car cover and a battery charger.

Ferrari’s final mid-engined non-hybrid supercar, the Enzo will forever remain in the hearts of marque connoisseurs around the world. With just one owner and fewer than 2,500km from new, and an exceptionally rare colour combination, this Enzo represents a truly rare opportunity. 



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