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One of just 24 Zagato-bodied Lancia Hyenas built

Comprehensively restored by the leading Italian Lancia Delta specialist Italiamotorsport Parussini

Enhanced with a range of thoughtful aesthetic and mechanical modifications

Finished in the elegant Ferrari shade of Grigio Alloy

An ultra-rare and genuinely coach-built modern classic fusing two of Italy’s greatest automotive names: Lancia and Zagato

Chassis no. ZLA831AB000576660

+44 20 3621 2923

It’s a Lancia Hyena – essentially a Delta HF Integrale Evo 1 sporting purposeful fastback coupé bodywork designed by none other than Zagato, the history-steeped design house from Milan.

In light of the Delta’s extraordinary success on the world rallying stage, Zagato’s then-designer Marco Pedracini reportedly felt obliged to spice up the hatchback’s styling in a manner more befitting of its sporting prowess. With such a rich heritage, the quintessential Zagato design cues were plentiful. Double-bubble roof, anyone?

Absolutely not. Since its inception over 100 years ago, lightness has always been a pillar around which Zagato operates. The Hyena does not stray from the trend. Its sleek, poised and purposeful body is crafted entirely from aluminium. Throw in an interior festooned with carbon-fibre, and you’ve got a dry weight of just 1,150kg – around 200kg lighter than the production Delta HF Integrale Evo 1.

Not quite. Zagato suggested to Lancia that 500 Hyenas could be built and sold, but a complicated and expensive build process ultimately put the Fiat Group off and just 24 examples were completed with the assistance of the Dutch Lancia importer Paul Koot.

Originally finished in red over a black interior, this Lancia Hyena – Zagato serial number 018 – was acquired new by an English collector, who cherished the car for 20 years. During his custodianship, the Hyena was shared at a number of high-profile events including the Lancia centenary celebrations in Turin, where its rarity and highly original condition earned it one of the 10 awards on offer. It’s also appeared in both Auto Italia and Viva Lancia magazines, the latter of which featured the car on the cover.

In late-2021, we were able to find a great new home for this single-owner Hyena with a collector in the United States. He promptly tasked us with helping him to build the ultimate example of the ultra-rare Zagato-bodied Delta. There was only really one destination to help undertake such a task: Italiamotorsport Parussini in Udine, Italy. 

“The Hyena was refinished in the gorgeous Ferrari shade of Grigio Alloy – the same colour as the Enzo we sourced for a client last summer.”

Arguably the leading road and competition Lancia Delta specialist, Italiamotorsport has been beavering away for the last 12 months transforming this Hyena. The restoration and personalisation project was extensive. Most obviously, the car was stripped to its bare-metal shell and refinished in the gorgeous Ferrari shade of Grigio Alloy – the same colour as the Enzo we sourced for a client last summer.

Inside, the carbon-fibre trim has been refinished and the distinctive turquoise Alcantara upholstery probably looks familiar – it’s been trimmed in the exact same shade and style as the ‘Martini 6’ edition of the Delta HF Integrale.

Beneath the surface, the rorty turbocharged engine has been remapped to produce a healthy 320bhp and the exhaust has been changed in order to replicate the sound of a Group A rally Delta HF Integrale. Furthermore, the braking and suspension systems have been completely overhauled and brought up to modern standards.

We can’t, not only because we’ve sold it but also because it’s not possible to condense its appeal. Find a list of Italian automotive history’s all-time greats and you’ll find Lancia and Zagato at the very sharp end – the Hyena embodies the very best of both brands. A beautifully restored and highly personalised example, it’s also an ultra-rare and genuinely coach-built modern classic – a glorious 1990s what-might-have-been.


Want more details on this car?

Want more details on this car?

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