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1993 Bugatti EB110 SS Prototype

One of the 7 Bugatti EB110 SS Prototypes

Used by the Bugatti Factory Experimental Department

The car that set a new production car speed record, achieving 355 km/h at Nardo

Single private owner after Bugatti Factory Experimental Department


Chassis no. ZA9AB02X0PCD39004


The Bugatti EB110 SS Prototype

Built in 1993, this Bugatti EB110 was used by the Bugatti Experimental Department to develop, and verify, the performance of the SS model. In May 1993, this EB110 SS Prototype was used at the Nardo test facility in Italy to record and certify the performance of the Supersport model. The car offered here is the car that obtained a maximum speed in excess of 350 km/h!

To assist the 3,500 cc, double-overhead camshaft, 60-valve V12 Bugatti engine to break the speed record, Bugatti removed as much weight as possible, including the lights, sound insulation, heat insulation and the passenger rear-view mirror.

The EB110 SS was the fastest production car of its day, thanks to this prototype achieving an incredible 355 km/h at Nardo. To put that into perspective, the Ferrari F40 achieved 324 km/h, Porsche 959 Sport 319 km/h and Jaguar XJ220 341 km/h.

Having broken the production car speed record, this EB110 SS Prototype was then used by the Bugatti factory at the official presentation of the EB110 in Japan, at the Ark Karajan Hill Plaza in Tokyo, with pictures from this event accompanying this car.

Later in 1993, this car was featured in the Japanese car magazine, Super CG (Car Graphic, being driven through the streets of Tokyo, before participating in the 1994 International Bugatti meeting in Italy. After the rally, this EB110 SS Prototype was exhibited at the Place Saint Marc in Venice, before returning to the Bugatti factory at Campogalliano where it was photographed.

Since leaving the Bugatti Factory Experimental Department, this EB110 SS Prototype has had only one owner, in Japan, where the car has regularly attended Japanese Bugatti Club meetings and is offered today having covered a mere 12,000 kms.

The EB110 SS is one of the ultimate supercars from the 1990’s, with its 60-vale, quad-turbocharged V12 Bugatti engine, four-wheel drive and 6-speed manual gearbox, all mounted to a carbon-fibre chassis with aluminium and carbon-kevlar bodywork. However, if there was one particular EB110 SS that stands out, it is this, the Prototype with which the Bugatti Experimental Department set the new top speed record in 1993 of 355 km/h! And to make this particular car even more special, it has had only one private owner since leaving the Bugatti factory, regularly being driven and displayed at Bugatti meetings in Japan.


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