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An ultra-low mileage example, displaying a mere 748km on the odometer

Ferrari Classiche certification, verifying the originality of its chassis, engine and gearbox

Stored in period in the personal care of Luca Cordera di Montezemelo in Maranello

Accompanied by a report by the world-renowned Ferrari expert Marcel Massini

Diligently maintained by official Ferrari service partners from new

Chassis no. ZFFGJ34B000092560

Engine no. 30149

+44 20 3621 2923

Is any great Ferrari collection complete without an F40? The no-holds-barred twin-turbocharged supercar truly defined an era of excess. And we wouldn’t hesitate to say that no other Ferrari has wound up on quite so many teenagers’ bedroom walls as the F40.

The mid-1980s was an exciting period of technological change. And at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, the ingegneri – still working under the rule of Il Commendatore himself – were fully embracing it. Nowhere is this more evident than the F40.

Its bewinged, razor-sharp Pininfarina-honed bodywork was largely crafted from newfangled carbon-fibre and Kevlar, their distinctive weaves partially visible through the scarlet paint. Its carbon-Kevlar tub, meanwhile was bonded to the tubular steel chassis resulting in an extremely rigid structure.

In addition to looking ice-cool, the plentiful and intricate origami-like cutouts, vents and ducts played a whole host of roles from increasing downforce to driving cool air to the turbocharged V8. And how can we gloss over that legendary engine? It’s a twin-turbocharged tour de force, whose high-revving and torque-laden shove sears itself in the minds of anyone fortunate enough to experience it. Yes, the F40 was – and perhaps remains – the Godfather of all supercars.

Ferrari built some 1,300 F40s between 1987 and 1992, so finding an example which stands head and shoulders above the scarlet sea of others is not an insignificant task. Chassis number 92560 is one such car.

Ordered new by a Saudi tarmac magnate via the official Ferrari concessionaire in Riyadh, this cat non-adjust F40 was never actually collected, remaining with the factory and, unusually, in the personal care of the Prancing Horse’s then-chairman Luca Cordera di Montezemelo for a decade.

Shortly after the dawn of the New Millennium, chassis 92560 was acquired by the famous Miura shoji collection in Japan, where it remained until 2014. The car subsequently made the short hop to Hong Kong, where it joined its third and final owner – a prominent Ferrari collector.

Crucially, at this point this F40 was submitted for Ferrari Classiche certification, which it duly received, confirming the car’s matching-numbers chassis, engine and gearbox. Since 2014, chassis 92560 has been maintained regardless of cost by the official Ferrari service centre in Hong Kong Blackbird Concessionaires Ltd., the documented works including the replacement of the fuel tanks in 2020.

Today, this highly original three-owner Ferrari F40 is most notable for its mileage, or rather lack thereof. The odometer currently reads just 748km, which is an astonishingly low figure for a 32-year-old car. In March of 2022, the world-renowned Ferrari historian and expert Marcel Massini issued a report on chassis 92560, confirming this to be an ultra-low-mileage, zero-stories F40 presented in exceptionally maintained and beautifully original condition.

Accompanied by its original leather documentation pouch containing the factory user manuals, warranty card and service book, this virginal Ferrari F40 is a genuine needle in a haystack, with a mere 748km on the odometer and correspondingly exquisite condition.


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Service history

May 2000 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Annual Service 

July 2001 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Annual Service

December 2014 – Ferrari Classiche certification issued

February 2020 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Annual Service and Cambelts

March 2020 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Fuel Tanks

February 2021 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Annual Service and Cambelts

February 2022 – Official Ferrari Service Centre – Bi-Annual Service

March 2022 – Marcel Massini report issued


Want more details on this car?

Want more details on this car?

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