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A veritable legend in Porsche circles – the ‘Heigo’ car

Built by a group of Porsche Motorsport’s own engineers working ‘after hours’

A successful and extensively documented period competition history

Famous ‘Heigo’ livery designed by the great Porsche designer Ginger Arnold Ostle

Celebrated by the Porsche Museum with a limited run of scale model replicas


Chassis no. 911 830 1619

The Heigo Porsche

“I said to Walter [Röhrl], it can’t be that the world champion has no car.” That’s Porsche’s master technician and test-driver Dieter Röscheisen talking, a man who dedicated over four decades of his life to the Stuttgart marque. When Röhrl, the then-newly crowned World Rally Champion, was suddenly left without a drive in 1981, Röscheisen sought to help his dear friend out.