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1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto Group B

One of only four Group B Ferrari 308’s prepared by Michelotto

One of only three Group B Michelotto 308’s with a Quattrovalvole engine

Run in period by Pro Motor Sport S.R.L, the only team to campaign Michelotto Group B 308’s

Driven by Luigi ‘Lucky’ Battistolli and 1979 World Champion Bjorn Waldegard

Accompanied by extensive history file and presented in stunning preserved condition


Chassis no. 18847

Chassis no. 18847

Engine no. 02355

In 1983 when the rules of rallying changed, Group B was introduced. Little did the regulatory powers realise at the time they had changed the face of rallying forever; it was about to enter its greatest era.

Over previous years Michelotto had developed the Ferrari 308 GTB into a potent competitor within the Group IV regulations. With the new regulations in place, Michelotto decided to build only four 308’s to Group B specification. One had a 2-valve engine producing 288bhp, while the following three featured the 2927cc V8 Quattrovavole engine using Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, resulting in an impressive power output of 310bhp, and revving to 8,000rpm. These four cars also feature the unique competition ‘quick change’ gearbox. Throughout their period competition days, the final drive ratio could be changed in a matter of minutes with a cover being removed to expose a pair of drop gears.

Highly evolved from their street counterparts with the extensive use of titanium and stripped down body shells, these three Quattrovavole Group B cars were roughly 2 secs/km faster than the Group 4 308’s on any Special Stage. The Quattrovavole 308 Gr.B was homologated on 1st April 1983 with document B-241.

The car offered here, chassis 18847, is one of the four extremely rare Group B 308s and importantly was one of the three Quattrovavole examples. Built by Michelotto in April 1984 for Pro Motor Sport S.R.L, it was registered PD 723098 in Padova. All of the Group B 308 Michelottos were supplied to Pro Motor Sport S.R.L who were the only team to compete with them throughout the Group B era.

In 1984, 18847 was rallied throughout the year in white with brown and sponsored by Valentino, and affectionately became known as ‘the Valentino car’. Primarily driven by Luigi “Lucky” Battistolli with navigator Claudio Berro, 18847 had a highlight of 2nd place on the Dalla Lana Rally, a round of the European Rally Championship, in June ’84. Later on in December ’84, rally legend and 1979 World Rally Champion, Bjorn Waldegard, took 3rd place on the Monza Rally in 18847 with co-driver Claes Billstam. As can be seen in pictures from this event, the car sported a distinctive aerodynamic rear wing. This version on 18847 has since been the subject of model makers who have reproduced it in smaller scale.

After its competition days were finished, and the demise of Group B, chassis 18847 was purchased by Robert Lamplough, of London, for 30 million Italian Lire, a copy of the payment cheque can be found in the cars history file, dated 18th October 1987.

In 2010 the car underwent a gentle recommissioning with the brakes and engine being serviced before being bought by its current owner, a collector with true appreciation for originality and history. Accompanying 18847 is an extensive history file including copies of the initial registration document in Padova dated 20/06/1984 and Italian insurance slips for Pro Motor Sport S.R.L dated Jan-Feb 1988.

Today, 18847 is presented in very original, un-molested condition, still on its original Padova registration of PD 723098. Features such as a front mounted fuel bag tank by Pirelli dated ’84, Sparco Kevlar seats, Sabelt seat belts manufactured in 1983, Halon fire extinguisher with service date of 1986, space saver Canonica 5 spoke split rim spare wheel, intercom system, tools and titanium pedal box are retained and clear to see.

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