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1975 Lamborghini Urraco P300

  • One of only 205 Urraco P300 built
  • Displaying less than 45,500 KMs
  • Sold
  • Chassis no. 20114

The Lamborghini Urraco P300 

The final evolution of the Lamborghini Urraco, the P300, was introduced at the Turin motor show in 1974 and was much improved over the P250. Engine displacement had increased to 2,997cc by lengthening the stroke to 64.5mm. The transmission, suspension and bodywork received detail changes and the top of the engine was completely revised with new 4 valve heads having combustion chambers built in, and four camshafts driven by more reliable chains. Carburettors were now four Weber 40DCNF and compression was reduced to 10.0:1. This all increased power output to 250bhp at 7500rpm producing 195 lbft of torque at 3500rpm.


This Urraco P300

The Urraco P300 offered here, chassis 20114 was completed at the Lamborghini factory on 06th May 1975, and 12 days later delivered to the Milan Lamborghini dealer, ‘Achilli Motors’. The car was sold new to Helen Babapulle. In 1980, the car was bought by Ernst Fritz, a resident of Zurich who registered the car on Swiss license ‘ZH 50627’.

In June 2016, the car was thoroughly serviced by Lamborghini St.Gallen, who completed the following works; engine oil and filter replaced, gearbox oil changed, brake callipers including handbrake checked, brake lines replaced, brake and clutch fluid replaced, air conditioning serviced, ignition system checked, compression checked, spark plugs replaced, air and fuel filters replaced, new battery fitted, water hoses checked, corroded pipes and cooling system replaced, carburettor and ignition tests carried out.

Today the car is presented displaying less than 45,500 KMs, having recently been serviced by an Official Lamborghini dealer, the ultimate evolution of the Urraco, of which only 205 examples exist, the P300 was another expression of Marcello Gandini’s fabulous Bertone styling.


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