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1973 Porsche 911 2.4 S

Three owners from new

Original engine and colour combination

Beautifully presented, with documented ownership from new

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Chassis no. 911 330 0510

+44 20 3621 2923


The Porsche 911 2.4 S

After a mere seven years of production, Porsche’s 911 series underwent its second engine capacity increase, from 2.2 litres to 2.4. In collaboration with Bosch, Porsche also increased engine power by developing a mechanical fuel-injection system, and thanks to the now healthy 190 bhp, the fitment of a new, reinforced gearbox was essential. As a result of these improvements, top speed was also increased, with the 2.4 S model topping out at over 230 km/h! At these speeds, it was important for Porsche to incorporate technologies to increase stability into the car’s design, and so, the 2.4 S model featured a clever arrangement of accessories, resulting in a front/rear weight distribution of 42/58. The Sport model also featured revised rear shock absorber mountings, but perhaps the most visually noticeable change was the front air dam.

On the early 2.4 911s, the engine oil filler was located just behind the right-hand door. Although, with time, it became apparent that petrol station attendants were misidentifying this oil filler as the fuel filler, leading to serious consequences. As a result, from the 1973 model onwards, Porsche moved the oil tank and filler into the engine bay, where they remain on 911s to this day. Another important improvement for the 1973 model was a simpler and stronger front oil cooler. Porsche also enlarged the engine oil tank, allowing oil-change intervals to double from 6,000 miles to 12,000.


This Porsche 911 2.4 S

Finished in Gemini Blue Metallic with a Black leather interior, this 2.4 S completed production at Porsche’s factory in October 1972 and was sold new in Italy three months later to Gian Piero del Sante for 6,000,000 Italian lire. The car was specified from new with several options, as confirmed on the Porsche Certificate of Conformity, which included Recaro sports seats, head rests, Koni dampers with brakes in the front and rear, a rear wiper, and white fog lights over the bumper, as well as a heated and tinted windscreen and side glass. Along with its type 911/53 engine and 915/02 transmission, this 911 has the engine oil tank and filler located in the engine compartment, confirming it to be the final and ultimate 1973 specification.

Gian Piero registered this 911 on the Modenese license ‘MO 287723’ on 2 January 1973 and retained ownership of the car for 13 years, before selling it in April 1986 to Cecilia Scanagatta in Trento, who then registered the car on license ‘TN 401753’.

This 911 remained with its second owner in Italy for a further 14 years, before being exported in June 2000. Deciding to trade in his Porsche 356C, this 911 was bought by its current owner later that same year and was registered on UK license ‘ABW 341L’. Throughout this ownership, the 911 received regular servicing by Official Porsche Centre West London, Maxted-Page & Prill Limited and Prill Porsche Classics. Invoices documenting this regular maintenance are included in the car’s impressive history file.

In 2006, the Porsche was repainted by renowned Porsche specialist Maxted-Page & Prill Limited. At this time, additional work, including a full engine service and change of gearbox oil, was also undertaken and the engine oil tank was removed, inspected and repaired.

Eight years later, in September 2014, this 911 was once again sent to Maxted-Page & Prill for service and improvement works, including removing the engine, performing a leak-down test which showed all cylinders to be within tolerance, inspecting the engine and partially rebuilding, changing gearbox fluid, cleaning the engine bay and ancillary components, vapour blasting various mechanical components, checking and adjusting valve clearances, replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal and fitting new exhaust silencers. This work is documented in the history file, with the invoice totalling to more than £12,000.

More recently, in August 2016, the car was fully serviced by Prill Porsche Classics, costing in excess of £3,000. In October 2017, the 911 had some bodywork corrosion removed, with the sills, door shuts and kidney bowls being replaced by Prill Porsche Classics.

Today, the car presents beautifully in its original colour combination and with its original engine and is accompanied by a detailed history file that documents ownership and maintenance work, as well as its Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. The ultimate 911 2.4 S — who can resist?




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