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1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/4

Ferrari Classiche Certified

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Presented in its fetching original colour combination of Rosso Ferrari over Pelle Beige

The twentieth of only 331 examples built

UK Registered with EU Taxes Paid


Chassis no. 09395

The 275 was Ferraris follow up to the 250 Lusso. For some the Lusso was perhaps too feminine, however, its successor the 275 GTB was another story. The Colombo-designed “short-block” 60-degree V12 was enlarged to displace 3.3 litres, with a 77mm cylinder bore and a 58.8mm. First the 275 was available in single-overhead-camshaft form, then upgraded to be twin-overhead camshaft design with 6 carburretors, best known as the GTB/4. The beautiful body was penned by Pininfarina, but hammered out of steel sheet by the crafts men at Sergio Scaglietti’s Carrozzeria.

The engine produced a healthy 300 bhp and the driver could easily navigate the five-speed manual transmission thanks to Porsche synchronizers and Ferraris iconic chrome-plated shift gate. Suspension was by upper and lower wishbones with coil springs at all four corners, a first for the breed!

The 275 GTB/4 was a great performer, capable of a 5.5-second sprint to 60mph, with a blistering quarter-mile in 14 seconds flat, figures which are still impressive today. For cruising, there are few 1960’s cars that can match the comfort and speed.

The fabulous 275 GTB/4 offered here, chassis 09395, was completed in December 1966 and delivered new through Motor Sas Bologna to its first owner, Compagnia Italpetroli S.p.A. Chassis 09395 was a very early 4-cam, being only the 20th example build after the first prototype, with only 331 4-cams being produced in total and cost 6,500,000 Italian Lire when new. The car was registered on the 10th April 1967 in Italy with license ‘Roma A48659’ being issued. 09395 made regular visits to the Ferrari Factory Assistenza Clienti for servicing and maintenance during its early years in Italy.

In 1970 09395 was re-registered in Italy with license ‘CE 123211’ having been purchased by Mario Limone who resided in Caserta, Sicily, Italy. In 1971 the car was exported from Italy to Japan by C.Itoh, the then Alfa Romeo distributor in Japan. 09395 was the first 275 GTB/4 to be imported to Japan and was sold to Mr Koh-Taro Ito who used it very little. In 1983 the car was bought by Mr Mukai, sadly he passed away in 1987 and the car passed to his son, Mr Kohji Mukai, who was a dentist in Tsushima-Shi, Aichi, Japan. At this time the car was registered on the Japanese license ‘(33) 2 75’ and in 1988 was listed in the Ferrari Owners Club USA membership directory.

In October 1987 Auto Sport di Bacchelli Villa wrote to Mr Junichiro Hiramatsu in Japan, who was acting as a connection between Mukai and the craftsmen in Modena, to arrange its complete restoration. Autofficina Sauro Bologna completed the mechanical works of the restoration including the full chassis strip, complete engine, gearbox and suspension overhauls. The chassis was inspected by Mr Vaccari who quoted Lira 39,750,000 for the required work including a complete repaint in Rosso Corsa 190. The interior was retrimmed in its original Pelle Beige VM3218. The restoration was completed and the car returned to Japan for the Grand Opening of the TI Circuit Aida on 18th November 1990 where it was driven by Mr Mukai.

The cars next owner was Mr Claudio Scalise who bought 09395 from Japan via Marcel Roks in June 2003. Scalise is an enthusiastic driver of his cars and was often seen with this 4-cam driving through the mountains of the Mendoza region in Argentina. Whilst in Argentina Mr Scalise had the car repainted in its original colour of Rosso Ferrari 20-R-187 Salchi.

In more recent years the car has returned to Europe and attended the 2004 Ferrari 275 Anniversary Tour whilst also participating in the Tour Auto in 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2014.

Today the car is a proven driver and is currently presented in great condition in its original colours with its Ferrari Classiche Certification confirming it to still retain its original engine. 09395 is UK registered with EU taxes paid and can be viewed in our showroom by appointment.

Driving Impressions

Driving a front-engine V12 Ferrari is always a special event, the car as Enzo Ferrari himself intended it to be. The V12 howl and four exhaust trumpets come to life with any thrust on the long-travel throttle. The symphony is particularly delicious as one glides along the empty countryside, the supple suspension easily soaking up road imperfections. The steering is light and direct, that lovely engine melody dominating the aural experience, the view over the long hood is nothing short of spectacular.

To pass slower cars, you don’t need to use the revs as much as you’d think. Leave the Ferrari in fifth, give the throttle a good poke, and acceleration is surprisingly linear with ample torque, keeping downshifts to a minimum.

That doesn’t mean you won’t want to use the transmission once it’s warm. In typical Ferrari fashion, it’s quite firm when cold, then loosens up. The dogleg first to over-and-up-second shift requires a couple of glances initially. Once familiar with the shift pattern, the effort to move the lever through those five famed gates is exquisite, a knife cutting its way through a firm cube of butter.


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