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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato

One of only 101 examples built

Fitted with desirable twin-plug Alfa Romeo engine

Maintained regardless of cost, focussing on competition

Highly eligible for historic events including Le Mans Classic, Monterey Historics and Tour Auto

Chassis no. AR 750046

+44 20 3621 2923

The Alfa Romeo Tubolare Zagato:

In 1959, Alfa Romeo embarked upon what would become a four-year intensive development programme in Italian racing before releasing the new Giulia TZ in June 1962.

The nomenclature for the new Giulia was simple, ‘T’ for Tubolare, the space-frame chassis, and ‘Z’ for Zagato, the coachbuilder. Although the TZ carried over several components from the Giulia GTA, including a 1,570cc twin-cam engine, this was a purpose-built sports racing car, with a tubular spaceframe chassis, all-aluminium lightweight bodywork, disc brakes and independent suspension. The TZ1 weighed only 650 Kg’s with some cars fitted with Alfa Romeo’s twin-plug cylinder head, also used in the GTA, helping create more power, making the TZ very competitive.

The bodywork for the TZ incorporated a style called ‘coda tronca’, which means ‘cut tail’ in English, otherwise known as the Kamm tail thanks to the many years of research by Wunibald Kamm. Zagato had previously shown the effectiveness of this styling design with the Alfa Romeo SZ ‘coda tronca’. The Giulia TZ debuted at the 1963 FISA Monza Cup where TZs took the first four places in the prototype category. Early in 1964 the TZ was homologated, with 100 units required, for the Gran Turismo category.


This TZ1:

This Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato, chassis AR 750046, was completed by the factory on 10th December 1964 before being delivered through SOFAR (Alfa Romeo France), to Mr Gaspin. The car was finished in blue with a black interior, consistent with today’s specification.

In the early 1970’s the car was owned by Mr Graziano in Milan before returning to France on 17th January 1974 at which point it was registered with the license ‘346 QT 34’. The car remained in France until October 2003, during which time it competed at the Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic and Tour Espagne. Also during this time, the car changed hands to Mr Jean-Louis Laborde in 1975, who registered it with French license ‘7 PX 47’. Mr Laborde maintained ownership of 750046 until June 2002 when it was bought and registered to Mr Thierry Moriceau in Paris with license ‘465 PDD 75’. In December 2002, this car was featured in an article in Automobile Historique magazine in Germany.

In October 2003, 750046 was purchased by well-known and respected classic car collector and competitor Mr Ross Warburton, who registered the car in the UK on license ‘KYY 85C’. Mr Warburton is an enthusiastic collector of classic cars, regularly seen competing in his 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/C, and spent much of his time with 750046 on the track, including the Tour Auto and many Masters Series events across Europe. The current owner purchased the car in 2012 and competed with 750046 at Le Mans, Paul Ricard and Spa-Francorchamps.

In its current ownership, the car has been regularly maintained by Tim Samways Sporting & Historic Car Engineers in the UK with and engine rebuild completed over the winter of 2015-2016 and the most recent work in May 2017 including a gearbox rebuild. This car has been well maintained, focussing on historic competition with no expense spared.


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