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1962 Fiat-Abarth 1000 TC Berlina

Owned by one Italian family for 48 years!

Sold new by Abarth S.p.a to Milan

Accompanied by its original Italian Carta di Circolazione

One of Abarth’s most iconic and successful models - The original Italian ‘hot hatch’


Chassis no. 100D 1280038


This Fiat-Abarth 1000 TC Berlina

The Fiat-Abarth offered here, chassis 1280038, was built by Abarth in early 1962, with its Certificate of Origin being issued on 2nd August 1962. This car was sold by Abarth S.p.a. to its first owner, Soc Costruzioni Milano-Varese, at a cost of 1,025,000 Italian Lire.

This car remained in Italy from 1962 until 2011, having been owned by one family from 1963 to 2011! In September 1963, Paolo Balzarini of Corsico bought the car, maintaining ownership until his passing in 2004, at which point the car was re-registered to his wife, Viviana Balzarini. This ownership history is documented thanks to it still retaining its original Italian Carta di Circolazione, and a copy of the Italian Estratto. This Abarth was first registered in Milan, being assigned the registration ‘MI 681521’, which it retained until 2011.

In 2011, this car was bought by Dutch collector, Paul Schouwenburg, who beautifully describes the car in his book, Ferrari Fever, A Lifetime Collecting, Restoring & Racing The Rarest Italian Automobiles. Within the book, Schouwenburg describes the first time he saw the car, with Viviana Balzarini still sitting behind the wheel “She did not look outside but appeared to focus her view on the horn button in the steering wheel. She hardly moved and seemed utterly lost on her thoughts. I asked my friend who she was and why she was sitting in the car. Then he told me the story. Her husband had passed away several years before, and during her marriage this little Abarth was their pride and joy. Her husband bought it when the car was one year old, in 1963, still virtually new. He cherished it, and as a keen amateur mechanic he maintained it with love and great care.”

After its time in the Schouwenburg collection, this car crossed the pond to the United States of America where it was registered in the state of Montana. In early 2018, this Abarth returned to Europe, joining one of the most prominent collections in England.

Today this Abarth is accepted as one of the brand’s most successful, and iconic models, being Italy’s first ‘hot-hatch’. Now eligible for many historic events, including rallies, driving events and Concours, this Abarth offers the new owner a variety of opportunities.

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