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1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Villa d'Este Coupe by Touring

Certified by the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR), confirming its original engine

The sportiest Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 chassis, with exquisite Carrozzeria Touring coachwork and sunroof

High-performance, short-wheelbase Super Sport model

Eligible for the Mille Miglia and a triumph of post-war Italian design

Chassis no. 915.896

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The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport

The 6C 2500 was a landmark model for Alfa Romeo, as it was both the end and start of two different chapters. This was the last car built by Alfa Romeo before World War II and the first built post-war, with engineering and designs evolving over time. This car also marked the end of Alfa Romeo’s long history with the 6C road car lineage, following this model was the four-cylinder 1900.

The top of the range, most sought-after and expensive of all 6C 2500s was the Super Sport, seen here, which was built using a developed and shorter 2,700 mm wheelbase, giving a sportier and more agile feel. Super Sport specification also meant that the Vittorio Jano-designed, six-cylinder, 2,443 cc engine was fed by three Weber carburettors, to produce an impressive 110 bhp — in 1950, let’s not forget!

As a result of this Alfa Romeo being so desirable, no less than 15 coachbuilders designed and built bodies for the 6C 2500, but the artisan who is perhaps most synonymous with this model is Carrozzeria Touring of Milan. Using its Superleggera construction technique, Touring’s designs are considered amongst the most exquisite to clothe the 6C 2500.

The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 was available exclusively to the high society, with owners including King Farouk of Egypt, Prince Aly Khan, American actress Rita Hayworth, American actor Tyrone Power and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

With only 383 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sports built after the war, the car quickly gained huge admiration, becoming an icon for a nation working to move forward. A symbol of wealth and success in period, the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport has always been well admired by classic car connoisseurs, with examples now joining some of the largest and most important collections.


This Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Villa d'Este by Carrozzeria Touring

The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport offered here, chassis 915.896, was completed by Touring on Valentine’s Day in 1950 and delivered to the Alfa Romeo Sales Department with the original engine, number SS 928207, which still powers the car today. The first owner, Mr Ernesto Stagni, a resident in Como, Italy, bought the car in January 1951, with the car wearing Touring body number 3538. The design of this Touring Superleggera body is very similar to that of the ‘Villa d’Este’ coupe, especially at the front, with the iconic cutaway around the front lights. And yet another fantastic feature of this Alfa Romeo is its ultra-rare sunroof, because in Italy it’s always sunny!

Believed to have remained within its native Italy, this Super Sport was seen in the workshops of the famed Gianni Torelli in the 1980s, at which point the engine was being rebuilt. The car then passed through Germany before being fully restored by Dino Cognolato in 2003.

In 2004, the car was awarded its FIVA Identity Card. During this process, FIVA consider the current condition and originality, awarding this car Class A/3. “Class A” means the historic vehicle is to a standard specification as delivered by the manufacturer, with “3” meaning the car is presented in a restored condition. In the same year, the car was registered in Italy with the license ZA 963RY, whilst also being awarded its Registro Storico Nazionale Certificato di Iscrizione and Automotoclub Storico Certificato d’Identità. Retro Viseur magazine featured this Super Sport in its May 2005 edition with a six-page article.

The most impressive documentation to accompany this hugely important Alfa Romeo is its Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo Certificazione di Autenticità. The Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR) was founded in 1962 and now operates from within the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese, Italy. The Certificate of Authenticity, rarely awarded by RIAR, is designed especially for Alfa Romeos of particular historical value and is well regarded as one of the most important and respected certification programmes available in today’s classic car world. This Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport by Carrozzeria Touring’s Certificate of Authenticity, number 0021, confirms it still retains its original engine. The certification is presented in a beautiful red leather-bound book, within a red leather case — there really is no mistaking the importance of this documentation.

Since being awarded its ultra-desirable RIAR certification, this 6C 2500 Super Sport has been displayed at the Concours d’Elegance Salvarola and was also listed as a known and existing example in the three-volume book Alfa Romeo 6C2300 6C2500 a cura del Registro Internazionale 6C 2500 by Fabio Morlacchi & Stefano Salvetti.

All Alfa Romeo 6C 2500s are special cars, but this is more special than most, as it was built on the ultimate Super Sport chassis with an exquisitely elegant Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera bodywork design. Whether you would like to experience the thrill of entering the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este or the rush of racing around the Italian countryside in the Mille Miglia, this Alfa Romeo is for you, offering access to a wide variety of the world’s most exclusive historic motoring events.

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